End of year show 2016: ‘Back to the past’ drama

Using their reading and writing skills and their knowledge built in French History, all primary and high school students wrote a drama piece in common.

‘Back to the future’ is the story of a magic necklace that aims to go back to its origin; the jewel is stolen to travel from the Future back to Prehistory times.

To help the students produce a real drama, Jean-Yves Brignon worked with them: Jean-Yves is a professional actor and the stage-manager of the Dram’in French company. All primary and high school students worked on drama technics, self expression and creativity.

On Sunday 4th December, Les Petites Classes performed at the Zenith Theatre in Chatswood for their families and friends. Preschool students went on stage too and performed medieval and Renaissance dances.

A fantastic project where everyone learnt a different way thanks to the magic of drama! ‘Back to the future’ has been a real success 🙂 Bravo.