Who are we?

Estelle Ruelland - Les Petites Classes



Estelle Ruelland
Principal and Teacher

‘Professeur des Ecoles’ diploma (Nantes in 2000)




« I have taught as a preschool and primary school teacher in France for 7 years until I moved permanently to Australia with my family in 2007.
After a teaching experience at Killarney Heights primary school, I found that a structured French environment was missing in Sydney to help children with a French speaking background develop language and get ready to read and write in French once they enter primary school. That is why I created Les Petites Classes, at first, for my own children and their playmates.
Over the years, my preschoolers have grown up and, as a result, I have developed reading and writing classes for them. And over the years again, my students grew up and entered High School encouraging me to the opening of High School classes.My motivation is to offer a quality learning environment and teaching that allows francophone children to keep and expand their mother tongue.
I am also the happy mum of four children.»





Vanessa Pichon
Preschool & Primary School Teacher

Bachelor of Art, Majoring in Linguistics (2005)
Conseiller Principal d’Education diploma (IUFM de Tours en 2006)



« After three years’ experience in a Parisian High School as a year coordinator and principal’s assistant, I moved to Australia in early 2009. I first taught for LCF (Le Club Français) and then worked at Beauty Point Public School as a French teacher with pupils from K to Y6.
I subsequently specialised in private tutoring to help French-speaking families develop their written French and communication. I am aware that a bilingual background is a wonderful opportunity for the children; nevertheless children often face difficulties in establishing French as part of their daily routine.
My motivation at Les Petites Classes is to support children and give them all the necessary tools and linguistic capabilities that they need to incorporate french language into their daily life. »





Lucie Macary
Preschool & Primary Teacher

‘Professeur des Ecoles’ diploma (Paris in 2014)
Master degree in teaching French as a second language (2016)


« I discovered Australia while being an au pair in a bilingual french-australian family in 2012. After working for two years in Paris as a preschool and primary school teacher, I moved back to Sydney in September 2015.
I am delighted to be able to teach here and to be part of a school which offers french speaking children the best chance to develop their mother tongue which is a minority language in their environment.
Motivated by a strong belief that bilingualism is a rewarding skill in an increasingly multicultural world, my goal is to help each student improve his/her french and enrich his/her dual culture.»





Céline Daniel
Primary and High School Teacher

‘Professeur des Ecoles’ diploma (Paris in 2010)




« After 5 years of teaching in preschools and primary schools in Paris, I moved to Sydney in September 2015.
I am passionate about teaching and I definitely wanted to teach in Australia. I found what I was looking for at Les Petites Classes: a school specially designed for francophone children who also pursue an Australian education.
Bilingualism is an extraordinary opportunity for these children, and I am enthustiastic to help them develop their dual culture through a dynamic approach to French. My ambition is to give them a real asset for the future. »