Primary School


Primary classes focus on French reading and writing and on language conventions. Primary classes apply the National French High School curriculum.

Primary school students are split into groups of ability. An initial assessment is conducted with children who did not attend Les Petites Classes previously in order to determine their working group.

Read, Write, Grow

Les petites ClassesStudents attending the very first course level (usually Kindy or year 1 children) have two lessons of 1 hour each per week : one lesson focuses on meaning of texts whereas the other lesson focuses on phonics and language conventions. Students learn how to read and also start to write sentences in French.


Develop literacy skills

For students other than first course level, lessons last 1.5 hours and are offered once a week. Check the timetable for your group.

  • Students strengthen their reading skills through studying at least 3 literary books a year.
  • Students write various structured texts.
  • Students gradually learn language conventions (spelling, grammar, verb forms).
  • Students also study French History while reading an historical book per year.

In order to reinforce class work, all students borrow French readers to practise and enjoy reading at home. They also have to complete some homework.. We undertake frequent assessments so that the teacher can monitor the individual student progress.

Validate learning

Around 11 years old, students prepare and sit the DELF Junior A2 exam (diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française) to officially validate what they are able to do in French. This exam allows students to study in France and is accredited by the French Education Ministry. The test is divided into 4 parts : Listening, speaking, reading, text writing.