High School

High School classes offer a real continuity toyed 7-12 students to all the work undertaken in primary classes and apply the National French High School curriculum.Further than culture in Literature, language skills and knowledge about the French society, High School classes give students the opportunity to study in France in the secondary system.

Regular classes

Classes last 1.5 hour and focus on French literacy skills only.

  • Students strenghten their reading skills through a deep analysis and interpretation of rich texts. Progressively, they are introduced to literary mouvements and literary forms and study how wording influences the reader emotions.
  • Students write long and various texts using rich vocabulary and syntax. They edit their texts themselves to enrich wording and to correct spelling.
  • Students refine French spelling using all aspects of French grammar. They also enrich their vocabulary studying how words are built.
  • Students learn to read images that are linked to the texts studied in class: art pieces, pictures, movies…
  • Students deepen their knowledge in French History throughout the books studied in class and they are also introduced to Geography.
  • Students refine French spelling reasoning systematically through French language.
  • Finally, students prepare and sit the DELF exam (Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française) levels B1 and B2 Junior. These diplomas enable students to apply to any University in France and other French speaking countries, demonstrating their proficiency in French. Exams are accredited by the French Education Ministry and are divided into 4 parts : Listening, speaking, reading, text writing.


Excellence classes for year 7 students

Excellence classes are taught in French and last 3 hours. They are specifically designed to allow students to work cross-subjects in French, science, history and geography, and develop strong methodological skills. In the heart of this cooperative learning environment, children are encouraged to adapt, produce and question themselves, ultimately acquiring strong French skills.

These students will sit the French ‘Brevet des Collèges’ exam in year 10. We will prepare students to work on subjects in order to easily complete their International Baccalaureate (IB) program in year 11-12.



HSC and IB preparation class for year 11/12 students

Our class provides the ideal support to year 11 and 12 students: our small groups do not exceed 5 students and allow for an individual approach to help our students maximise their potential. Students study major themes relating to the French society that are covered in the exams, strengthen their reading and writing skills and refine grammar rules. They also develop effective methodological tools by practicing on sample test papers