Located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Les Petites Classes currently offer classes for 3 to 16 year old children. Classes are designed to teach French to children who have a French background: French must be spoken at home to allow students to succeed and respond to class expectations.
The program is design for groups not exceeding 6 students per class in order to reach high outcomes set by the National French curriculum. Small groups allow us to:

  • Have a positive class dynamic. We gather children with the same level of ability.
  • Work individually with students. We support children who face specific difficulties.
  • Help students transfer skills. We encourage comparison between what children learn at the Australian school and what they learn at Les Petites Classes.

Preschool Classes

Preschool classes are focused on French speaking, but they also prepare students to comfortably take a big leap forward by entering Kindy in Primary School. Learn more.

Primary School Classes

Primary School classes are focused on French reading, writing and language conventions (spelling, grammar, verb forms). Students attend different groups depending on their ability. Around 11 years old, students take the DELF Junior A2 exam to officially validate their skills in French. Learn more.

High School

High School classes are for children aged from 12 to 16. Students pursue all the work undertaken in primary classes and focus on the High School National French curriculum, especially in Literature. Students also take the DELF Junior exam for levels B1 and B2. Learn more.

Do you have a passion for teaching the French language and making a difference in pupil’s lives? Then talk to us today about joining our team

We are seeking qualified teachers for preschool, primary or high school. Please contact us if you own a teaching diploma recognised in France, Belgium, Switzerland or Quebec. Email your resume to bonjour@lespetitesclasses.com.au